Service user guide Brightlingsea

It is recommended that if you are unable to read this booklet yourself, you should ask a family member, social worker or advocate to explain this booklet to you.
This information booklet will tell you the following:

  • Where Futures Care homes LTD is.
  • What the staff at Futures will do to help you.
  • What Futures is like.
  • The people and services that can help you when you are being supported within Futures Care Homes LTD.
  • The Number of people that are being supported in each of our homes.
  • A little about the staff who work and support the people in Futures Care Homes LTD.
  • Important parts of the agreement about being supported within Futures Care Homes LTD.
  • What people say about being supported at Futures.
  • How you can be helped to make things better if you are unhappy about something.